• Normanton on Soar

A new venue for the clubs AGM. Level flat field, superb village hall. Quite village location with lovely river walks.

Cheese and wine Friday night got everyone together and a cooked breakfast on Saturday set us all up for the day. Christmas dinner on Saturday with a visit from Santa!!

The AGM on Sunday went quite smoothly,your committee must be doing a good job! A great weekend only spoilt by youths making unwelcome visits in the middle of the night. Such a shame as it is a lovely site.

Thank you to everyone who helped, far too many to mention.

  • Meon View

Well the rally marshals came up with the goods this weekend. The weather was superb for September. Sunny and warm. A bit chilly at night but we could live with that. Mulled wine and cake at flagpole went down very well. Best not talk about the quiz to much, even google could not help us with this one.

Thank you John & Margaret.

  • Foxton Locks

A lovely setting for a rally, a site that we used many years ago. Nice walks up and down the flight of locks.  A meal at the pub on the Friday night went down well. Weather cold, but mainly dry with some sunshine. That’s always a bonus.

A lovely end to the season, roll on next year.

Thank you Barry & Judy


  • Easter, Eccleshall Castle

A disappointing turn out for the first rally of the season. The weather was good in a lovely setting, The crazy waistcoat or shirt competition was different, A good meal in the pub.

Thank you Bill & Norma

  • Chatsworth House

A return visit to a great location. Even if it did give the rally marshals headaches and sleepless nights in getting permission for us even to be there, The weather was certainly better than when we visited two years ago. Nice walks around the estate and plenty of places to visit nearby, A gentle walk through the golden gates to the pub for a meal was lovely.

Fish & chips fetched by Russell & Doug was much appreciated.

Thank you to Russell & Pam

  • Brixworth County Park

What lovely views we all had over the reservoir. Nice walks and bike rides around the park and reservoir, 10 vans so a good turn out.

Thank you Wright family

  • Rhyader

Well only 2 units turned out for this rally, the rally marshal ( Chairman ) and the rally secretary!! No plaques as it was not worth it. Daily visits from the farm pups Dillis and Daphine!  A beautiful area to visit.  A lovely Indian meal with our hosts John, Steph and Eleanor.

Thank you Paul

  • Hendra Cornwall

A small select turn out for a holiday rally. But those that did go had a good holiday. Superb location, The rally marshal laid on a BBQ to celebrate his and Alan G4EPN birthdays. The weather could have been better. But it did not dampen the holiday makers fun.

Thank you Jon & Rita

  • Matlock

A lovely area to visit. 9 units attended so a good turn out. The field was abit slopey but we all managed with plenty of wood. The weather was kind to us with not too much rain. A chocolate bar quiz that wanted us all running to the supermarket to research chocolate.

A good meal in the pub Saturday night

Thank You Bob & Margaret.

So here we are at the AGM once more. Thank you to all the hard working rally marshals over the year. Low turn out of units are disappointing when a lot of work has been put in by rally marshals. But those that do come generally have a good time.

We look forward to another year of great rallies.

Please support the next rally secatary as much as you have me over the years.


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